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Vinuesa is a municipality in Soria where you can enjoy the nature and tranquility that predominates in its green areas.

Surrounded by the sierras of Urbión and La Cebollera, in these lands you can enjoy the popular architecture of the Pinares de Soria region, a classical architecture characterized by large bell chimneys, which are usually the main axis of these buildings.

You can not miss
Among all our tourist attractions, you can not miss:

Nuestra Señora del Pino Church

This church of Gothic Renaissance style began to be built in 1591, consists of three naves covered by vaults and inside you can see beautiful altarpieces of Rococo style.

Palace of Don Pedro de Neyla

It is a construction of typical architecture of the region in which highlights their big windows and the shields of their facade.

Palace of the Marquises of Vilueña

Stand out its four balconies, on which you can admire the coat of arms of the Vilueña.

Roman Road and Roman Bridge

The bridge, dating from the second century, is hidden by water, therefore it is only visible when the water level is low